Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I access the system?
The system can be accessed from the following URL
How do I contact CTO support?
For CTO Stream support please submit a ticket within the online helpdesk at:
How do I obtain a CTO Stream account?
To obtain a CTO Stream account click the 'New User' button from the login page at Once registered, an email with a link to activate the new account is automatically sent to the email provided (email comes from Please check your Spam or junk folder as the email may have been misclassified.
What browsers does CTO Stream support?
CTO Stream supports the latest version of all major browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. We recommend that you update your browser to the latest version to ensure the best experience using CTO Stream. Note: Internet Explorer is no longer a supported browser as of August 1, 2021.
What does the term Project mean?
The nomenclature Project refers to a Study within CTO Stream. A Project is represented by a green icon and it contains the entire study and all the associated forms.
How do I start?
To start you will need to create a new project by clicking on the Create Project tile within the Actions Toolbar. Upon creating a new project you will be directed to the Provincial Initial Application.
How do I save my progress while filing out an application?
You can save your progress at any time by click on the Save tile in the Actions Toolbar. Your progress will automatically save as you progress through the form.
How do I upload documents?
You can upload documents by clicking on the blue Upload Document button associated with certain questions. You can browse your computer for a file to upload. All major file types are support including word documents, excel documents, text files and pdfs. It is important to ensure that the Document Name is correct as it will appear in all correspondence with the REB.
When I duplicate a project what is duplicate and what is omitted?
Duplicating a project will create an exact replica of the project including all of the applications associated with the project. The only aspect not duplicated are documents uploaded in the original project (i.e. protocol, consent forms, etc.). The duplicated project will appear in your Projects Menu.
I am the Provincial Applicant and I am leaving the study. How do I transfer the study to another Provincial Applicant?
Changing the Provincial Applicant (PA) for a study can be done via Provincial Amendment submission. The form must be signed by the incoming PA, and approved by the REB of Record. If the original project owner no longer requires access to the study, they can initate a transfer by clicking the 'Transfer' button on the Work Area page. Once the transfer has been accepted the original project owner will no longer have access to the study in their Work Area.
Why is the Centre expiry date identical to the Provincial expiry date?
The Provincial expiry date is the set expiry date pertaining to the entire study which includes all participating centres. Whenever a centre joins the study and is approved by the REB they will receive the same expiry date.
I am the Provincial Applicant how can other staff on the study view the project and its associated applications?
In order for any study staff to view an application you must share the application in question. To do this click on the Share tile within the Actions Menu and enter the study staff information you wish to share the form with.
What do the different Levels of Access allow?
Read Only – The collaborator will only be allow to read the application without making any changes or submitting the application. Read/Write – The collaborator will be able to read the application and makes changes but will not be able to submit it to the REB. Full Access – The collaborator will be able to read, edit and submit the application. The collaborator will also be able to create subforms.
How do you make changes to the Provincial Application once it is approved and can no longer be edited?
Once the Provincial Application is approved it can no longer be edited. Any changes required must be submitted through an amendment.
How do you close the provincial study?
In order to close a study a provincial study closure report and a centre study closure report for each participating centre must be submitted to the REB. The study can be closed once each report has been acknowledged by the REB.
Who receives notifications from CTO Stream?
• The Provincial Applicant will receive notifications related to their study; • Any study staff members or Centre Representatives added as a collaborator with notification privileges will receive notifications.
What happens after I submit my Provincial Initial Application?
CTO will initially screen the Provincial Initial Application to ensure it meets the CTO mandate before being sent to a potential Board of Record. Once your application has been successfully submitted the application will be locked and you will be unable to make any changes. As the application proceeds through the REB review process you will receive notifications as the status of the application changes.
Why did I receive an approval expiry notification email after I submitted my Continuing Review
System expiry date reminders are automatically sent based on the expiry date . This expiry date is only updated once the Continuing Review application is approved, meaning reminders will be sent regardless of whether the Continuing Review application has been submitted.

REB of Record Selection

How is the REB of Record selected?
The REB of Record selection criteria balances factors such as REB expertise requirements and study distribution amongst the CTO Qualified REBs. A document outlining the selection process for assigning a CTO Qualified REB as the REB of Record is available at the following link:
How long does the CTO Screening process take?
When a new Provincial Initial Application is submitted, CTO performs a brief screen for administrative requirements and to ensure the project meets the CTO mandate. Screening is a high priority and CTO works closely with the institutions and REBs, however we recommend research teams submit applications as soon as possible prior to meeting deadlines in order to minimize potential delays.
When should I submit my Provincial Initial Application (PIA) in order to meet the REB meeting deadline?
We recommend research teams submit applications as soon as possible prior to meeting deadlines in order to minimize potential delays.
What are the REB fees for studies submitted through CTO Stream?
REB fees are charged for Industry-sponsored studies. The current fee schedule can be found on the CTO website under "Fees" at the following link:
Is there a limit to the number sponsor staff who can have access to a study in CTO Stream?
No, there is no limit.

Sponsors using CTO Stream

What tasks can the sponsor do in CTO Stream?
CTO Stream has been built with collaboration features allowing the sponsor to have an active role in creating and completing applications if they choose to do so. Sponsors can have full read/write access to applications with the ability to download documents, share applications with other users and receive email notifications. Sponsors may choose to have read-only access allowing them to view applications in the system. Note: Sponsors may create and complete applications however they cannot be listed as the Provincial Applicant/Principal Investigator, nor can the sponsor sign-off on the applications themselves.
How do I contact the REB with a question about my study?
You can communicate with the REB through the Correspondence feature in CTO Stream. Click on the “Correspond” tile from the Actions work area of the application and your message will be sent to the appropriate REB staff. Your correspondence will become part of the study record in CTO Stream.
Can the Provincial Applicant (PA) be different from the Local Site PI?
Yes, the PA and Site PI can be two different individuals. Both the PA and PI must be qualified investigators affiliated with a CTO Participating site.
As a sponsor/coordinating centre, how can I find out who the Department Approver is at each site?
The local site PI and/or their research team will be able to provide the information regarding their Department Approver.
How long does it take for a study to be reviewed and approved through CTO Stream?
The timeline for review of a Provincial Initial Application (PIA) would be comparable to a local REB submission, as this application contains all of the study-wide information and documents to be reviewed by the REB of Record. Once the PIA is approved, each site will submit a Centre Initial Application which is an abbreviated application containing only the local ICF and site-specific details. As these applications generally undergo delegated review by the REB of Record, approval timelines are typically shorter than would be expected for an initial local REB submission.